Easter Sunday

Event Details 12 April 2020 |

It’s an Easter like no other in living memory, and one where hope is needed more than ever. Our treasured volunteer and trustee, Bishop Mark Bryant, invites us to pray for those who are waiting for hope to arrive

“This feels a very strange Easter Day. It feels hard to be super-joyful, even if that is how I am feeling, when life is so tough for so many people in so many different ways. I somehow want my hymns and songs in church to be a bit softer and more quiet than usual. More than ever I want an Easter Day that is honest about the difficulties and pain in our world

Christians say today that God brought Jesus, His Son, back to life from the dead. That seems to be God’s way of saying to us that however difficult life is that is never the final answer. That is why there is hope for all of us.

Many with whom Oasis Community Housing work have discovered that life can be so much better than it was, as they have been helped into new housing and continued to be supported there. They are able to feel proud of themselves as they get new paint or furniture or their flat and start to find work and we rejoice with them. But for others Easter has not yet arrived. They are not yet in a place where they can see how life really can be different from how it is now. At OCH, because we believe in the Easter message that however difficult life is, that is never the final answer we hold the hope for them until the day when they are able to grasp it themselves.

We do that because one of our values as an organization is hope. We say we have a deep hope that things can be transformed, no matter what the current circumstances may say. We dare to say that because of Easter Day.

So, if you are a praying person, perhaps this Easter time you may like to pray for the work of Oasis community Housing and particularly for those with whom we work, for whom Easter morning has yet to come.”

Bishop Mark Bryant