35th Anniversary Giving A Home appeal

Event Details 17 January 2020 | Gateshead, Peckham and Croydon


We believe change for the better is possible, because we see it every day. The man in this video was homeless for decades and has now celebrated his first year of living happily in his own home, close to his family.

If you want to support Natalie and our teams to bring this change, consider joining our 35th Anniversary Giving A Home appeal.

Are you part of a church, business, school or organisation that wants to be involved?

Are you an individual who cares?

You can:

  • Take part in our £100 challenge 
  • Make a donation through the donate button at the top of this page
  • Buy a logo bauble for your business for just £25 on our Gingerbread House Christmas tree in Trinity Square, Gateshead
  • Donate as a gift to a friend and share a personalised Christmas message on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin

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